tools of the trade

my gear and how I use them


My workflow consists of using a medium format camera and full frame Sony digital cameras.  After the wedding weekend, all exposed film are mailed to my film lab for developing and scanning.  In about 5-15 business days (depending on the season), film scans are sent to me.  I then begin the process of editing the film scans and the digital images for a cohesive final edit for your image gallery.

Film Gear | Contax 645 Medium Format, Zeiss 80mm Lens, 120 Film Kodak Portrat 400 and Ilford 3200, Sekonic Light Meter

Digital Gear | Sony A7III, Zeiss 55mm, Sigma 24-70, Sigma 70-200mm

Low Light & Other Must Haves | Flashpoint, Video Light, Holdfast Gear Camera Harness