A Wonderful Way to Capture Your Romance

My very best wishes on your engagement!   If you are reading this, you are probably searching for the best possible way to capture the loveliest images for your engagement and wedding day.  

Hello, my name is Grace Aston, a Film + Digital Natural Light Photographer local to Northern California and the Central Coast.    After many years of professional practice, I believe the best way to capture and remember this season of love for you as a couple is through natural light and fine art film photography.

The twin elements of using film and natural light is a powerful combination that can capture romance in a unique way that is beautiful, timeless and evocative.  If you want your special day to have a sense and feeling of elegance and rich luxury, I believe this kind of specialized photography is your best choice.

Northern California Wedding Photographer

My Love Affair with Film

I love working with film because the resulting images are of an extraordinary quality that cannot be approximated by digital and because the entire experience of the photo session is elevated for the couple being photographed and for myself as photographer.  Moreover, film creates more opportunity for photography to be practiced as pure art. If you’d like every still image from your season of love and romance to be crafted as works of art, then shooting in film is a must.

Northern California Film Photographer

Contax 645, Fuji 400h, Film Scans:  The Find Lab

Because of the price and scarcity of film compared to the much larger number of shots possible through digital, I as the photographer need to be more intentional with image composition for film.  I take my time to “capture the moment” rather than just rapid firing the digital camera. The “shoot” then becomes an experience for me, which flows over to a better experience for the couple. I need to be confident with the technical aspect of film and to master my settings.  With film, there are no second chances. I love the thrill and excitement of getting the developed and scanned film images from the lab. This kind of photography produces stunning images because of the way film captures shadows and highlights, creates smooth skin tones, and captures rich colors that may be balanced and nuanced with light.

My Romance with Natural Light

I believe there is nothing like natural light to capture the essence of romance.  I love how the light from the sun (or moon) scintillates, dances and diffuses, how it can illuminate softly and romantically.  Shooting in natural light delivers beautiful images that are dreamy and soft, and that feel authentic, my personal preference. Over the years I’ve learned how to harness natural light shot in locations set in nature to deliver memories that delight and may take your breath away.

Oregon Lifestyle Photographer

Contax 645, B&W Ilford 3200, Film Scans:  The Find Lab

To find out more on how your engagement and wedding day can be photographed with fine art film and natural light photography, feel free to reach out for any questions through our contact form.